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Entrepreneur Provides Bespoke Communication Programme

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“Hong Kong is a very entrepreneur-friendly place. Both the government and the private sector are very supportive of founders and start-ups.”

Yamilette Cano, Founder of Louder

Louder was created to guide and give clients the tools needed to create an impactful and assertive communication. Through bespoke training, coaching, event consultancy or speaking services, it wants brands, corporates and individuals to be able to convey their messaging into a full-blown narrative and deliver impressive results.  It has created a signature programme that with creative motion and emotion; shows clients the path to a specific and measurable outcome.

Nowadays, people are looking to go back to the roots of communication; the Human connection. Bespoke, tailored programmes are becoming a trend. People want to relate to their coach and feel that they are heard. This is why Louder recognises the importance of understanding clients’ needs in both the professional and personal levels.

Louder will continue exploring the South East Asia market and grow its presence at events in Europe and America. In the long run, it is planning to expand to several countries and markets.

“Hong Kong is a very entrepreneur-friendly place. Both the government and the private sector are very supportive of founders and start-ups. The process for opening a business is straight forward, there are regular networking events and people are very open to supporting in any way they can. The InvestHK team has always been very helpful in giving me advice on different ways I can grow my business, utilise the potential of their network and promote the Louder proposition. They offer along the year, different platforms that can give exposure to my brand and services, like events, articles, and partnerships. This support is always very valuable for businesses that are just starting, making our entrepreneurial journey to be more enjoyable, profitable, and fun,” Yamilette Cano, Founder of Louder, said.

“The start-up ecosystem has developed a lot in the past years. Today we can see a stronger and more proactive community that makes Hong Kong a very vibrant city to have and run a business,” she added.

Cano has some tips to share: Never be afraid of asking for support. Connecting with people, getting feedback and understanding different perspectives and experiences can enrich your entrepreneur journey for the best. “Hong Kong is very friendly when it comes to networking and connecting with people. It is important to attend to as many events as you can to expand your potential to promote your idea and get the right relationships that may support you when launching your business,” she concluded.

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